Why us Sensei ?


Purchasing Work Follow Analysis

1.Who is Priority ??
2.How much profit agent take ??
3.Are they really understand customer request??

1.Staff invite by customer directly. Always Priority.
2.Only salary and office cost. Save a lot.
3.No gap between customer and factory



More powerful to negotiation
Purchase information share
Optimization Specifications
Save trading company cost
Save set up office cost


1.Assistant and QC report to customer
2.Could be customer’s eyes in Asia to
 monitor with supplier.
3.Make sure the buying price are correct.
4.NO gap between customer and supplier.


Your Reliable Partner

Your eyes and ears based in Taiwan & Asia
You get what you pay for
Most Competitive Price From factory directly
All Kinds Bicycle parts & Accessories
Ranges Products from Entry to High End
Passion & Professional Service


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